Threading Stories – Exhibition

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Threading Stories is a platform celebrating handcrafted processes which transmit information through storytelling, symbolism, structure and colour. The project seeks to discuss the cultural association of traditional making processes by emphasising the relationship between labour and value in craft. As a response to a revival in the appreciation of craft the platform acts as a resource site by sharing stories and actively encouraging knowledge exchange. www.threadingstories.org

The project originated from a personal interest in craftsmanship, culture and tradition. The initial investigation between maker and artefact lead into an in-depth observation of traditional practices. The research focuses on inherited knowledge transmitted through and within objects, investigating messages and clues embedded within artefacts. On many occasions, traditional craft reflects a distinctive worldview, in an attempt to articulate a diverse understanding of life. Through the study, it has been evident that craft practices bare a unique historical and cultural value, undoubtedly worthy of preservation.

The exhibition series presents and promotes artisans, craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the Andes, Amazon Region and Pacific and Caribbean Coasts, investigating textiles, millinery, ceramics and metalwork. In the search for authentic traditional craft we immersed ourselves in communities, observing their social structure, traditions and environment, thus acknowledging craft as an integral part of their identity and everyday life. We travelled around different regions documenting stories and recording our encounters through photography, video and audio recordings as well as selecting original pieces which demonstrate the quality of craftsmanship and encapsulate the identity of each maker. Objects were chosen for their narrative, embedded symbolism, quality and level of creativity. The collection presents a variety of processes mixing traditional and modern techniques and materials.